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About Nackymade

Hello, I am Nacky. I believe some of you already met me or even had a dinner together? Hope you are very well.

Back in the days of pre-Covid 19, I used to travel A LOT for trunkshows around the world. I really enjoyed to encounter the people who has different culture and history and cuisine too. But now I have been in Japan without booking any international flights. First ever in my life to stay in my condo for such a long time. I am really sad not to be able to meet the people who I love. 

I was thinking to find out what I should do in my rest of my life (honestly considered to retire) and I concluded to keep making cool glasses is the must thing to do.  So that’s why our website has been super updated as our online shop. Please enjoy online shopping until I can meet you in person for adjusting.

Just in case, for some of you who are first visiting our online shop right now, I would like to introduce myself to you.
I started my career as a glasses-man more than two decades ago and learned a lot of skills from designing to polishing. And finally launched own brand Nackymade with my wife “Mocky”  in 2004. Since then we are still two of us operating Nackymade.
At the beginning of Nackymade, we focused on domestic market as every Japanese brand does. Our customers were 99% Japanese as every Japanese brand does. But in 2010. They changed Entire Nackymade. The Guys from Hong Kong “The Armoury”. I didn’t expect how influential people they are in the world. When they came to our workshop in Kobe (one of their family members saw our interview on a Japanese TV program  and then came to us for research for their first shop in Hong Kong), we immediately decided to work with them and started taking online English classes.
Since then, we did hundreds of trunk show around the world. We made thousands of glasses for cool customers around the world. We are very proud of what we could do.